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Gear Cutting 

Gear cutting is any machining process for creating gear. The most common gear-cutting processes include hobbing, broaching, milling, and grinding. At Keyspline we have over 30 pieces of gear cutting machinery which Include Horizontal Gear Planers, Vertical Gear Shapers, Double Helical gear Planers (herringbone), Vertical Hobbers and Horizontal Hobbers. Our Machines range in Capacity with some of our biggest machines able to cut up to 25MODULE (1DP). 


Dimensional Tolerances +/- 25microns (.001")

Gear Grinding

Gear grinding is one of the ways in which a gear being produced is finished. Gear grinding is used to remove surface materials on a gear blank through abrasion. We can modify sections of the teeth to provide relief on certain sections of the gear when contact pressure is applied, this allows a gear to run silently and with little vibration. We have 3 Gear Grinding machines that range in capacity, our biggest gear grinder can grind gear teeth up to 25MOD (1DP). We have the facilities for End, Root and Tip relief including testing certification.


Dimensional Tolerances +/- 12 microns (.0005")

Precision Engineering

Our precision engineering covers a whole array of services including CNC Turning, CNC Milling (6 axis), CNC Vertical boring and Cylindrical Grinding. Our Capacities range across each department (Please refer to the capacity sheet for more information) We have time served engineers who have specialized in each engineering discipline meaning that projects and manufacturing work can be taken on independently and completed to the highest standard. We have testing equipment and certification available across most of our precision engineering departments. 


Dimensional Tolerances +/- 25microns (.001") General machining 

Dimensional Tolerances +/- 12microns (.0005") Grinding 

Reverse engineering

The process of reverse engineering includes the use of measuring tools, testing equipment, universal standards and years of engineering knowledge to identify and re-manufacture worn components back to their original specifications. Our time served engineers have an in-depth knowledge of past and present standards so can identify and calculate the most efficient ways for reproduction and manufacture. We accept anything from hand-drawn sketches, worn sample parts to complex CAD Files.

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