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Keyspline Engineering LTD - Since 1981

We are dedicated to providing the best customer support and delivering exceptional engineering solutions. 

 Keyspline Engineering is our Family-Run Dinnington/Sheffield based engineering company founded in 1981. We have established ourselves over a number of years to become one of the top gearing solution providers both domestically and internationally. We have over 40 Years of experience providing thousands of manufactured parts and services to companies and individuals across a variety of different industries. No Project is too big or too small, our engineers will work to provide quality and cost-effective solutions to any engineering, gearing and transmission problem.


 We work with companies across a number of different industries to produce quality and bespoke products. Our wide range of machinery allows us to adapt and meet a client's needs on a project by project basis. We work with our clients to ensure that all stages of manufacture and design are to standard, this includes inspecting and testing processes before manufactured parts leave the premise. We strive to provide exceptional engineering solutions and complete customer satisfaction. 

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